Premachur Ejaculation

If a man ejaculates semen right after the penetration or within a minute or before his partner gets satisfied is called premature ejaculation or early Dischargee issue. It is also known as rapid ejaculation or premature climax disorder. The worst thing to experience for a man is to fail in bed in front of the lady he loves. Why I used "loves" is because if you are having a casual encounter, you are most likely to cum fast as it is more performance anxiety than an actual issue.

There are numerous other reasons for premature ejaculation or premature climax or premature unloading. Some of these include erection dysfunction, abnormal hormone levels, liver problems, depression, stress, and anxiety. People often end up searching for non-prescription drugs without a doctor's supervision. Getting a good diagnosis first and then moving on to the treatment part is important. Ayurvedic medicine for premature ejaculation in India and consultation with a sexologist physician can help you overcome this issue. You can always feel safe in discussing these issues with a specialist.