Azoospermia describes a condition in men where there is no sperm in semen. It is a potential infertility concern and accounts for 10-15% of all infertile men. Your physician may suspect the condition when no pregnancy has occurred after a year of unprotected sex and after a semen analysis test has reported Azoospermia. About 1% of men may suffer from azoospermia or no sperm in their semen analysis.

Consultation with a doctor is required to find the exact cause of azoospermia. Your physician may examine your medical history, perform a physical examination, request blood tests, and obtain semen samples to repeat the semen analysis test. A physical assessment for azoospermia is the first step of diagnosis. Providing an accurate medical history helps your physician discover injuries or surgeries in your pelvic area, any record of childhood illnesses, medication use or chemotherapy exposure, infections of the urinary tract or reproductive duct, and familial diseases such as cystic fibrosis. In addition, he may require information on alcohol or drug intake and exposure to excessive heat.